Peaceful Dreams…

Reading the Word

In a dream, a vision of the night,

When sound sleep falls on men,

While they slumber in their beds,

Then He opens the ears of men,

And seals their instruction.

Job 33:15-16

Reflecting on the Word

Every once in a while, if you’re like me, you have a dream that wakes you up. Sometimes it’s a bad dream—a dream in which the shadows become so menacing that your heart skips a beat and you come awake to the knowledge that not even the actual darkness of night is as fearsome as the dreamed darkness, nor even the shadows without as formidable as the shadows within. Sometimes it’s a sad dream—a dream sad enough to bring real tears to your sleeping eyes so that it’s your tears that you wake up by, wake up to. Or again, if you’re like me, there are dreams that take a turn so absurd that you wake up laughing—as if you need to be awake to savor the full richness of the comedy. Rarest of all is the dream that wakes you with what I can only call its truth.

The path of your dream winds now this way, now that—one scene fades into another, people come and go the way they do in dreams—and then suddenly, deep out of wherever it is that dreams come from, something rises up that shakes you to the foundations. The mystery of the dream suddenly lifts like fog, and for an instant it is as if you glimpse a truth truer than any you knew that you knew if only a truth about yourself. It is too much truth for the dream to hold anyway, and the dream breaks.

Frederick Buechner

A Room Called Remember

Responding to the Word

Dear God,

We give thanks for the darkness of the night where lies the world of dreams. Guide us closer to our dreams so that we may be nourished by them. Give us good dreams and memory of them so that we may carry their poetry and mystery into our daily lives.

Grant us deep and restful sleep that we may wake refreshed with strength enough to renew a world grown tired.

We give thanks for the inspiration of stars, the dignity of the moon and the lullabies of crickets and frogs.

Let us restore the night and reclaim it as a sanctuary of peace, where silence shall be music to our hearts and darkness shall throw light upon our souls. Good night. Sweet dreams. Amen.

Michael Leunig

A Common Prayer


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