Be still and know that I am God.

Reading the Word

Be still and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

Reflecting on the Word


The call to be still, to stand silent, to cease striving, comes in the context of a life in chaos. A life surrounded by landslides, tidal waves, and earthquakes. Whether the chaos is environmental, political, relational, emotional, or simply organizational, there is a river, the psalmist tells us, that flows from the throne of God. A river that remains clear and refreshing, undisturbed by the upheavals. A river whose streams bring gladness. The gladness we can have in the midst of turbulent times, the peace that flows like a river, is the nearness of our God.

            “The Lord of hosts is with us,” the psalmist assures us.

            “The God of Jacob is our stronghold.”

            He is with us when our world caves in around us.

            When the marriage others looked up to slips into the heart of the sea. When the once-calm relationships now roar and foam.

            When the once-stable mountain of financial security now quakes.

            He is “our refuge and strength.”

            “A very present help in trouble.”

            We will never know it, though, unless we cease striving and still our heart.

Ken Gire


Responding to the Word


Lord, I feel like a mouse in a treadmill.

Rushing around, faster and faster.

Getting nowhere.

And the first think that goes out of the window is you.

No time, Lord, sorry!

Then my family.

They should know I’m busy and not ask for my time!

And my friends.

Can’t they see all the things I have to do?


Lord, it’s at times like this that I need you most.

Yet you seem so far away.

Why, Lord? Where have you gone?

Then I hear it, the quiet voice . . .

. . . be still and know that I am God.

You are near. You have been there all the time.

And I understand that I can’t heart you if I don’t give time to you.

Lord, I just thought so much depended on me. I know the

whole world wouldn’t end if I took a break, but it made me feel

important. I need to remember that it’s your world, your work.

I’m glad to have a part in it, but it’s yours, not mine. And when

I’ve done what I can, I can safely leave the rest to you.

Eddie Askew

A Silence and a Shouting


About kengire

Ken Gire has been a fulltime writer since 1981 publishing more than twenty books. His writing has earned such honours as two Gold Medallion Awards, Book-of-the-Year by Campus Life and two have been named C. S. Lewis Honour Books. He has worked with Insight for Living, co-authored 25 study guides with Chuck Swindoll and written on such diverse topics as devotional series and young adult fiction. He is currently working on a historical fiction that will be adaptable to film. Ken is also an inspiriational speaker and has founded Reflective Living, a nonprofit ministry devoted to helping individuals live more reflective lives so they may experience life more deeply. View all posts by kengire

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