The Love of a Father

Reading the Word

Just as a father has compassion on his children,

So the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.

Psalm 103:13

Reflecting on the Word

God loves us as a “Father.” And I wondered why He does. What would this kind of love be like from His perspective? A scene flashed onto the wall of my memory.

It was in the middle of the winter night some years back, shortly after I had seriously tried to give God the key to my future. One of our children had called out in the darkness, “Daaady!” I was surprised since they usually called their mother. But I got up, stumbled into her room and carried her into the bathroom. . . . Her head lolled gently to one side and then she would catch herself, but never quite awaken. As I stood there looking at the softness of her face with her eyes closed, and the slightly tousled long blond hair, I was filled with the most amazing sense of love and gratitude to God for that little girl. I kissed her gently on the nose and thought, “Some day you and I will remember this time of great closeness.” And I could picture us talking about that night when she was a grown girl. But then I realized that she would never remember this midnight closeness—because she had been asleep the whole time I was holding her. But even though she was asleep and would not remember these moments, my own love for her had in some way filled and changed my life as I had quietly help her through a long winter night.

As I tucked her back in bed with a kiss, it struck me that in some sense this might be one of the reasons the whole Christian venture is worth it to God, in light of our amazing lack of awareness of His presence. I saw that He has been with me all along, loving me and helping me in the most mundane ways, even during those long nights of doubt when I have been spiritually asleep, oblivious to His presence. But even then, when I might least have been trying to respond to Him, His love for me may in some way have warmed His life . . . as my love for my little girl did mine.

Keith Miller

Habitation of Dragons

Responding to the Word

Lord, thank You that while we were yet sinners, while we were asleep to the fact that You were even interested in us, You loved us enough to die for us in Christ. Help us to be able to love those people in our world who cannot respond to others because they are still asleep to the meaning of the kind of love you have given us to pass on.

Keith Miller

Habitation of Dragons


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